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As a person who loves makeup, but never wears or owns any, I thought I would try listing and describing what I use on my body and face. As I just said, I don’t really ever wear makeup so I will easily be able to list all of the items that I use. So, without further ado, lets begin:

1. Natio Products


Body wash

The body wash I use s a anti-acne wash that I use on my back, chest and shoulders to prevent acne and to keep me fresh and clean. I also often use it on the rest of my body. I apply it using a long handled scrubbing brush which also gently exfoliates.

Face Scrub

I only use this once a week and to be honest I’m not entirely  sure that it works as well as it claims. Sure it exfoliates my face but I don’t know if it’s helped my acne much. Even though it hasn’t really helped my acne I feel as though it always important to exfoliate so I won’t stop using it yet.


I use an oil free moisturiser. I generally only apply it to my cheeks and under eye area, as I have an oily T zone. I use this most nights but occasionally will skip it while I’m PMSing due to breakouts. In the mornings I only apply this to my under eye area.


I use a black, lash lengthening mascara. Unfortunately I’ve just run out of it.

2. Body scrub

I just started using a new natural body scrub my dad got me for Christmas. It is very gentle but still effective, and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It is also environmentally friendly which is always great.

3. Face wash

The face wash I use is a acne free eucalyptus Body Shop product. I love it! I use it nearly every night and I makes my skin feels super clean and fresh. I apply it with a round sponge like thing (sorry for being vague). I simply wet the sponge, squirt a bit of the wash onto it and then rub it into my skin. If you are wearing makeup I would recommend removing that before using the face wash. Although I would recommend this product to a lot of people I would not recommen it to someone with dry skin. Even I, someone with ridiculously oily and acne prone skin, like to moisturise my cheeks and under eyes after using it.


4. Toner

I like to tonne my face using Which Hazel. it is a natural product that is recommended by heaps of people. I like to pour some onto a cotton pad and wipe it over my face to remove oil and dirt and to tonne my skin. I use it both in the morning and at night, after my face wash.


5. Lip scrub

I use a home-made lip scrub. I only use it a few time a week: when my lips are dry and peeling or if I’m wearing lipstick. I like to rub a small amount of it onto my lips after brushing and washing face, and then applying a moisturising lip balm. Please comment if you would like me to post a recipe for this or any other DIY beauty product.

6. Lipstick

For Christmas my mum gave my the most amazing lipstick! It is a liquid, matte, long-lasting lipstick, and it is incredible. It’s by a brand called SeneGence, which is an MLM brand. I have the shade Praline Rose which is not in stock any more. It’s very different to other lipsticks, it is very liquidy and you need to apply 3 coats so get the full effect. Once applied it is sticky until you apply the gloss, I have the matte gloss which is pure magic. But it is all worth it. The colours are beautiful, it lasts up to 18 hours  and it is 100% transfer proof!

So that’s it. Obviously I use other products such as deodorant and shampoo but I didn’t include those.


P.s I originally took all my own photos, but then something glitched so all the images I am using now were found online.