*Quick disclaimer- I wrote this post almost a month ago but never got around to posting it. This is mainly because of my slow internet, homework overload and to be honest, lack of motivation. Hope you enjoy! xxx

For as long as I can remember summers in Australia follow the same pattern. Whether it be a scorching  summer or a mild one, they always act the same.

It starts off in with the basic up and down of late spring, before slowly building into a steady heat in the buildup to Christmas. January usually starts off hot and lazy and
continues that way for a couple of weeks. Regular hot days with the occasional heavenly cool change. As February starts we begin to see cool changes more regularly. Nearly every year my little sister says that summer seems to be ending quicker than usual, and every year we are hit with another hot spell, and bush fires. I think it because all the moister in the ground from spring has dried up, but our worst fires seem to happen in February and March. March is hot and hard. School starts and the weather decides it wants to final be a consistent temperature.

We’ve just finished our 4th consecutive week of 30° (Celsius). It’s not too bad because it drops down at night but the height of the day is about 2-4 O’clock, meaning it’s almost impossible to stay awake in the last couple of periods, the busses are hot and sticky, full of sweaty kids and no matter what sunscreen you wear of how wide the brim of your hat is you will get burnt on the walk home.










Bye summer, I’m ready for autumn! xxx

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