Today’s my sixteenth birthday! It’s crazy the way time flies. I can’t believe that we’re six months through the year already. So I’m sixteen. The only thing that really has changed is that now I can go and get my learners permit, which I want to do soon so I can practise over the winter holidays.

I wasn’t actually excited for my birthday this year. Not because I’m to mature (cringe) for that kind of thing, but because I kind of forgot it was happening. I’ve got an exam tomorrow, I had two yesterday and two last week, so for the past couple of weeks all I’ve been thinking about is study, study study. My little sister also has a major project thing that lasts for six months (I know its crazy) and the dead line is this friday, so that’s been taking up some of my thoughts as well, so my birthday just sprung on me. The one good thing about having my birthday exam week is that I actually get today off!!! Which I should spend revising, but so far I’ve only worked on the post.

Ok so I’ve rambled a bit so now let me get to what this post was actually about. MY PREZZIES!!! I am super happy with what I got this year, I think mostly because I didn’t think about it so everything was a surprise. My lovely mum, dad and sister are such lovely humans and know me so well. Here’s what I got…

The first thing I got was this dressing gown. I’ve literally had my old dressing gown for 6 year so it was defiantly time for a new one. This is a super soft, cozy one from Target.



The second thing I got were these soft patterned tights, because you can never have too many funky tights in your life.

I also got a new Pandora bracelet, which I love…

…and a new charm for it. It’s a little London double decker bus because I love everything BBC.

Lately I’ve been going on about indoor plants so my family got me these two cuties. I don’t really have a place to put them but I know they will make my room look great. I need to name them!

My little sister bought me The Perks Of Being A Wallflower because she knows how much I love the book and the movie.


As a winter baby I’ve always loved a nice warming soup, so they gave me this cute recipe book.


I also got this super soft, fluffy pink planked which feels time heaven. I’m not really a pink girl but I still like the colour of it.

Thanks to everyoner who made/are making my birthday magical xxx